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Useful competition documents

This is a list of documents which you may find useful when preparing for events 

A list of required safety equipment as defined by the class rules. These are generally mandatory items and should not be changed by the Sailing Instructions. Always worth a check however to see if additional items are required to meet local rules. 

Whenever attending a world championship there will be a requirement to weigh the boat before launching for the event. This procedure should be followed by the organising authority and gives an idea of what to expect if you have not attended a worlds before. .

This checklist was put together by David Cheyne a number of years ago but is still worthwhile reading through as a reminder of things to check prior to a championship event. Better safe than sorry.

In the early days of SB20/SB3 many documents were written on sail trim. These remain as valid today and hence this simple document although old is still a worthwhile read

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